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Xiangyang became Raleigh's newest Sister City November 2009. Xiangyang, the 2nd largest city in Hubei, is divided north-south by the Han River. The city itself is an incorporation of two once separate, ancient cities: Fancheng and Xianyang. Xiangyang has a municipal population of around 466,000 while its outlying county contains approximately 5,787,700 people.

Xiangyang is a famous national-level historical and cultural city in China, with a history of over 2800 years. It was the location of major battles during the ʻThree Kingdomsʼ period in 191 A.D. between Sun Jian and Liu Biao and in 1267-1273 A.D. between the Southern Song and the Mongols.

Its major scenic spots and cultural sites include Xiangyang City Moat, the Pseudo-classic Street, Ancient Longzhong, Memorial Temple to Mi Fu, Lu- men Temple. The wall of Xiangyang city is very old, but the condition is fine now. The region's premier tourist attractions are Dahongshan scenic area and some historical relics, including the Lumenshan relic, the Zhanggongci Temple, the Cheng'en Monastery, and the Baishui Monastery.

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Xiangyang's Park
Photo by Noclue119

Xiangyang's Park During Luna Festival
Photo by Noclue119