Board of Directors

Marlene Millemaci


Pat Hall
Vice President, Membership

Marjorie Salzman

Vice President, New Affiliations

Bill Borden


Kevin Lord



Pat Hall

SCI Liaison/RSC Bike Rides

Sue Patel

Youth and Education

James Montague

Chair – Xiangyang

Gretchen Chapman

Chair – Compiègne

Jo Garrison

Co-chair – Rostock

Beth Gulewich

Co-chair – Rostock

George Njue

Co-Chair – Nairobi

Isaac Kuria
Co-Chair - Nairobi

Graham Bennett

Chair – Hull

David Kilbride
Special Events

Ximena Uribe
Special Projects

Tom Jeffries, Wonza Montague, Linda Wharton, and

Janet Njoroge


Dickie Thompson City Council Liaison

1101 Wake Forest Road

Raleigh NC 27604