2019 FIRST LEGO League Jr Challenge

Photo of Raleigh Teams

Raleigh Sister Cities is partnering with Myles of Great Hopes, the Johnson STEM Activity Center, the Alliance for Innovative Solutions Foundation, and the Coderina Educational and Technology Foundation to broaden STEM knowledge and opportunity among children, especially children of color and children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This special collaboration will support For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) by organizing 10 Junior First Lego League (JrFLL) teams of children ages 5-10 from the Raleigh area and 10 teams from Nairobi. The global teams will be provided the opportunity to interface with each other courtesy of the NC Museum of Natural Sciences and the Museums of Kenya in Nairobi via teleconference.

The partnership will strengthen the alliance between Nairobi, Kenya, and Raleigh, North Carolina, as Sister Cities, by hosting the inaugural FIRST JrFLL Tournament at the National Museum of Kenya in February on 2020 with teams from Raleigh in Nairobi to personally meet their partners! The cultural exchange relationships we hope to build will expand and flourish at the Nairobi team's premiere JrFLL competition followed by the FIRST World Championships in Houston, Texas, in April of 2020 and well beyond to become annual events.

Follow the teams' progress through the challenge on the timeline below!

Challenge Timeline and Photos

October 12

Nairobi Launch at The National Museum of Kenya

September 15

Initial Planning Meeting in Raleigh

1101 Wake Forest Road

Raleigh NC 27604