During its week in Raleigh, the delegation plans to meet with Wake County and Raleigh City officials involved in education, health care, city planning, solid waste treatment, and safe building codes. They hope to learn about and discuss challenges faced by fast-growing cities and ways in which technology is being used to meet those challenges. 


The Wake County Manager’s office, the Wake County Public School Systems Magnet Office, and various City of Raleigh department staffs have been working with RSC on planning the itinerary to make this a meaningful and productive experience.


The Nairobi City-County Assembly was established by the 2010 Kenyan Constitution.  It is the legislative arm of the City-County government responsible for the formulation of laws that regulate the conduct and activities within the County.The Assembly is composed of 85 elected and 38 nominated members who sit on various committees.Their mission is “To advance economic, social, cultural and political aspirations of the people of Nairobi City County through robust legislation, prudent oversight and responsive representation.”