The Raleigh Sister Cities 2021-24 Strategic Plan

Thanks to the guidance of the Executive Service Corps of the Triangle, facilitators, and stakeholders, RSC is proud to announce the finalization of its 2021-24 Strategic Plan.

With 30+ stakeholders involved, over 200+ hours researching and forming strategy, and after 10 consecutive months of focused work drafting the plan, the final product was voted on in June 2021 by the Board of Directors and unanimously approved.

With its implementation, there are five objectives to focus on through 2024:

  1. Cultivate partnerships with other organizations to foster collaboration.

  2. Increase awareness of our organization in the broader Raleigh community.

  3. Strengthen the financial sustainability of our organization.

  4. Provide strong and effective governance.

  5. Improve the quality and quantity of our programs and services while ensuring our operational excellence.

Each objective is supported by multiple strategies, firm timelines, and an annual operations plan. You can view the strategic plan here.

Thanks to Strategic Plan Committee Members, for their tireless efforts and dedication to a new organizational vision:

  • Kevin Lord

  • Linda Wharton

  • Pat Hall

  • Ximena Uribe

More updates to follow.

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