Objectives identified at August 8, 2018  RSC Youth Council exploratory meeting:


1.  Provide assistance, seek, find, and help re-establish or maintain student exchanges between our sister cities, either during the school year or during breaks. 


2.  Conduct fundraisers to help deliver medical supplies or other necessities to a sister city in need.  Conduct fundraisers to help send youth in need to the International Sister Cities Youth Conference. Partner with corporations to help assist in these efforts.


3.  Develop and support a program for Youth Council Members to hear speakers adept in international relations and motivational personal life stories. 


4.  Help spread the word about Raleigh Sister Cities within peer groups and adults. Recruit new members for the Youth Council to achieve these objectives.


5.   Participate and assist in any Raleigh Sister City Event.  

1101 Wake Forest Road

Raleigh NC 27604